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  1. that's cool tho means u get the practice ^^.........
  2. yeah I dont get it either. but he lets me drive sometimes when im with him so whatever
  3. he wont let u have ur permit that's kinda strange i wonder y that is
  4. lol cool. yeah its prolly not gonna be that much different cause people useually think im in 11 or 12th already so yeah.
    now I just gotta wait for my dad to let me have my permit. ugh hes such an idiot
  5. he he he so ur the same grade as me for the next month or so grade 11 kinda sucks but it has it's good points too... like ppl will move out of ur way in the hallway... well for guys anyways i can't get through the hallway so i get bro to clear a path for me to walk it works.. and well u feel like u've almost made it kinda thing at the end of the year, as well as u kno more ppl doing the assemblies, and sometimes u get a crappy math teach and get a low mark but yah it's cool
  6. I'm in 10th. but im already on break so i guess im 11 now
  7. im currently in grade 11 but in a month it will be summer then i'll consider myself to be in grade 12.. what about u?
  8. thats cool. anime freaks unite!lol. what grade are you in?
  9. yah they can be but it's ok there is actualy another girl in that class that likes anime it's like the first other person that is in my grade that likes it i was like that's not so bad and well the only real reason we became friend was cuz they were making fun of me for likeing anime and she liked it so she came and sat beside me lol
    and thank you ^^
  10. thats hella stupid that they make fun of anime lovers over there. their retarded. but thumbs up
    for standing out and showing it anyway
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