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  1. nothing to much what about u? oh today I had to present my lord of the flies manga thingy that i made and the teach was like so what's the difference between manga and anime im thinking reall~y i thought it was stupid i had to tell him that anime is like manga in motion or movie form and that manga is read not watched and it was like... clue in teach it's not complicated.. but i guess it was prolly the first time he saw one it's not popular where i am and ppl are mean to ppl that like it so it's really huge for someone to make something like that let alone show it to the class.. i was really scard at first cuz they were really mean when they first found out that i liked anime
  2. yep. I got a new game which is cool but I'm still bored. anyway whats new with you?
  3. ha ha ha i think i member that movie it's been a long time tho and well... i guess u where really board huh
  4. nm Im bored outa my mind cause I cant do anything. I did watch Alice in wonderland though
    it was hecka funny
  5. that's good im grateful that it's starting to feel better .. and not two much surprisingly enough or what it would seem as much anyways, but i watched the movie yes man yesterday it's a pretty good movie ^^ what about u?
  6. yeah. but at least its finnaly starting to feel better. so what you bin up to?
  7. awwww that's horrible u would think they wouldn't have to do it over again.... that must have hurt very badly... im sorry u had to go through that
  8. yeah it sucks to cause the 1st docter messed up so i had to get it done again it hurt like hell
  9. awww what happen to ur toe surgery is never to good... then again it fixes u so mayb it is good but not the fact that u have to get it there
  10. yeah if you have enough money and and I cant do much right now cause I had surgery
    on my toe
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