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  1. dude thats so cool. good luck man .
  2. i love to draw lol im gowing to school to be an animeter
  3. thats cool. so what else do you like doing ?
  4. um not that long just keped dowing over and over lol and i just got it down
  5. you can do a premo flip?!!? how long did it take you to get that trick?
  6. cool i do flat land lol so i do premo flips and stuf thats all lol
  7. yeah my friend got me into it. i can pop shov it thats about it. ive only been skating for a moth though
  8. umm not that long only a year and1/2 not that good at it lol
  9. thats sick dude. how long you been boarding ?
  10. lol well lets see i have bin playing for 3 years now and can play six some part of thru the fire and flams lol um heros come back from naruto umm just some anime songs lol lots of things
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