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  1. thats sounds tite dude. I want to get another but im prolly gonna wait till like a limited edition one comes out
  2. o ok yea there a new dot hack game coming out for the psp called if i'm rite.... dot hack links or sumthing like that. it looks pretty good i must say myself. o yea go on to c the new psp n if u want to they, got sum info on the new dot hack game there to... just got to look for it. that sucks ur psp got jacked man.... u plan on getting another or anything?
  3. allota confusing stuff with life but other than that nm. I havent heard anything about a new psp
    or a .hack game for it. my psp got jacked about 2 months ago
  4. moved out of my mom's house n got an apartment, thinking about getting a psp 3000 n my mayb a psp go. have u heard about or seen the new psp go? n i'm ready for some more new info on the new dot hack game for the psp to come out. Wat about u wasts been going on in ur life?
  5. yeah. so whats new with you dude ?
  6. o ok that not to bad if u think about in a give or take way.
  7. well I can walk on it now but i prolly wont be able to board or anything for a couple weeks still
  8. well got the internet in my apartment and i'm looking at the E3 videos for sony part of e3. the ps3 looking good. how look u got to stay off ur toe for?
  9. well I had surgery on my toe twice cause the 1st doctor I went to messed up. and I'm really bored
    cause I have to stay off my toe. whats new with you
  10. sorry not have internet in my apartment...... so I off here for very very very long times. working on trying to get it so I can make my return. so I mayb this month tho. wat u been up to n wats happening wit ya?
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