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  1. sweet. DUDE where were you?!? youve been gone for like a month
  2. oh I got ya cool. yea it cool i like but the only ones I listen to really is the from animes that I like. an sometimes i go after to see if the band who did a song has more good songs that i would like.
  3. umm idk it actually some times calms me down. but I like hardcore bands that have more melody to them. not just noise. but j-pops pretty cool. i havnt heard much of it tho
  4. cool, what you like about hardcore punk man..................?
  5. i like more hardcore punk and stuff like that. but ill listen to rap and slower music some times
  6. yea thats where I was gone post the new character at. i listen to rap, J-pop & R &B for the most part. wat you liten to?
  7. hey dude when you finally get your guy together. post it on elation cause i just noticed you havent made a character on it yet. by the way what kinda music do you listen to?
  8. sweet. this is kinda random but what kinda music do u listen to?
  9. ooooo that's a nice one.... mmm like it a lot man.
  10. how about this for a genjutsu. you make the ground create a dome around your opponent and they start seeing images of them dying they start screaming saying "i want out!" so you cause the dome to collapse on them. when they emerge from the ruble they see the reanactment of their death and feel it. when your done playing with them you cause the earth behind them to turn into a rock sword and stab their back.
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