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  1. sweet thanks dude.
    so have you checked out my character? i added some new stuff
  2. You had asked me about if I made any new jutsu... so i came up with one rite on the dot. I was like mmm your guy uses glass, so lets work with that. so the jutsu is now yours to use as you plz my friend.
  3. dude that jutsu is so sick!! what made you think of it?
  4. Hi how you doing? new jutsu....mmmmm glass gate of fate: A jutsu that can only be use by your person. the way the jutsu work is.. you form the hand signs for dog,tiger, rat, bear & dog again, put your hands to the ground. pull up a lance made of red glass, that breaks n forms in to a mist that when you say sin-ten-mu-su. The target is traped in a gate of glass, n when you say Heat the soul of pain... the target is hit with 5 fireballs. as the target is yelling out loud, you smile as it is only a genjutsu. how u like that one?
  5. hey whats up.
    come up with any new jutsu lately?
  6. my friend chris helped me with my character(you know anonymous)yah
  7. i'm working on it now, i got some of what it do... but there is so many ideas in my head for that move.
  8. thanks dude. i just checked out ur bio and u got some sick jutsu. whats tri shen strike
  9. thanks the one you got is cool to.... and nice to have you in the leaf hope we have more conv. and i really like the jutsus you came up with very nice.
  10. those pics u got for leaf village shinobi are hecka cool
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