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  1. yeah thats good to here that you liked the friends say i'm like emmit but think i'm more like jacob....who do you think i'm more like?
  2. ooo right i watched Twilight , becasue you said it is a great movie XD and i really liked it ^^ ... =^_^=
  3. yeah i'm good and thats good to here that you did good on the test
  4. oooo i am very sorry to hear that ._. , are you ok @_@ , .... and i did not bad on my test the hard one was the math >< ... =^_^=
  5. not bad i miss talkin to you to...over that time i had a girl friend for a little wile then she broke up with me...other than that i'm for my book i've not goten far cuz i didn't get a flash drive till the other how do you think you did on your tests?...i found two new bands that i think are wonderful...
  6. hi hi ^_^ i am good XD sorry i didn't talk to you for long i were having my exams ^_^ , i will start writing it again because i stopped writing because of the exams ^_^ , XD so how are i missed talking to you , how is your story ^^ ... =^_^=
  7. hi ya how are you? how is your stroy coming a long
  8. hay there if you whant i'll be your friend. So if you get a chance pm me and let me no k
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