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  1. Oh you will, mark my words, you will. They are no fun at all.
  2. ya me too well yeah u should be sick of it................................................ .....
  3. Actually I have many of those times, and quite frackly I am rather sick of it.
  4. ah i see i hate those days thats kinda how it is for me today
  5. Because of me personely and the fact that this week is just one of those times where you can not do anything right.
  6. oh if u dont mind me asking what excatly is pissing u off
  7. Normaly I would, how ever I am to the point where it becomes almost obsessive for me to fix the problem because I am that pissed off.
  8. exactly ha listen too music thats what i do when im feelin down
  9. Your right, it is going to be rather difficult but not much I can do about it other then keep plucking away at it.
  10. oh that sucks get better think happy thoughts although it might be hard......
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