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  1. Ahh... i see ^^ including me? Well for ur information.. not all of them are... but i dont suggest u look for a partner here though... its too hard... i have a gf here ... and i know how hard it is.. >.< very in a scale of 10,...
  2. nah i don't do dating on internet...its to creepy and people are evil....boys are evil lol
  3. umm.. i dont know.. if u want to look for more.. go to another site.. which has lots of ppl from ur area... ^^ u can search for it.. maybe dating sites?
  4. Do you know how i can find them and stuff? if you can only find 1 then its also okay
  5. Hmm.. yea i do know one or 2... i can only remember one of them.... but both hardly seen on... i dont think i have seen them for a while... >.< gee...
  6. hahaha lol, do you know some that also is in Africa?
  7. Not really ^^ ur not the only one here from africa.. i knew a few here...who is from ur land ^^ and no im not the only one.. a few veterans here is from Malaysia... 2 girls ^^
  8. haha i know, i think im the only one on AO that is from Africa...and you? are you also the only one from your land?
  9. Well im from Malaysia.. and my..Africa,... thats cool.. pretty far
  10. haha cool, so where are you from? im from Africa...
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