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  1. It was good. i went camping with fifteen of my friends. Im just got done taking finals for today. did u do anything special for memorial day????
  2. yea it was pretty good ^^ cant complain lol what about you?
  3. Hey!!!!!!!! HOw have u been? did u have a good memorial day weekend??
  4. Thanks. i just got them put up this morning. ive been waiting to put them up for a while now
  5. sure no prob =] ill go check them out right now ^^
  6. Thanks!! i got it from a friend. i just love furries and chibis. oh have u seen my rl pics yet. if u can comment them for me.
  7. iv been alright lol ^^ i love your profile pic =] its sooo cute ^^
  8. Thanks i will. im just glad to be able to get out of state. so what have u been up to today
  9. well thats cool ^^ i hope you have a great time in NY ^^
  10. Im going to NY this summer to visit a really special friend. ^^
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