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  1. im sure you can look and see if there is a form for storys
  2. Thats cool. am i able to put some of my story on the forums? if i can that would be awesome
  3. lol i can sometime s come with poems but not all the time i have some posted on hear if u want to read them and post so u can get your total post up to 100 so u can do stuff
  4. I'd rather do that than poetry. im no good at rhyming so.... LOL. Actually im becoming an author so i love to write i just hate poems
  5. lol ^^ im suppose to be doing animations but i dnt wanna xD
  6. Not much. Im in my study hall at school. my teacher thinks im doing poems for english class though.
  7. mk louis ^^
    what chya up to? .
  8. Ok ashley. If u want you can call me negi or Louis if u want
  9. u can jsut call me evil xD or ashley
    but im gd u?
  10. Hi!!! ^^ whatcha up to. Oh um do u have a name i can call u by?
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