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  1. Thats neat. ive never been to michigan. And i don't really know. a girl???
  2. I live in Michigan. =]
    Well first off: What gender do you think I am? X3
  3. Cool!! I live in Lafayette, Indiana. what about u? what state do u live in? oh and i have one question: Are u a boy or a girl? ^?^
  4. Oh im in the same grade. =]
    What state do you live in?
  5. Yeah me too. what grade r u in? im a sophomore in high school.
  6. I havent been up to much...
    I actually have been tryin to talk to some guy, but its a major fail. XP
    Yeah im at school. (Which is a real pain...)
  7. Heyyyyyy long time no chat. what u been up to. U in school right now?
  8. Thats cool. ^^ i like the action/ sci-fi. lately ive been reading adult/ sci-fi manga lately. ive only read a few shojo titles.
  9. Oh I know all of those. =]
    Im usually into the action/supernatural type anime.
    I hate romance. (or Shojo...usually; except vampire knight of course.)
    Im currently into Darker than Black for now.
  10. well im into vampire Knight, naruto, Code Geass, Inuyasha and a lot more. What about you? what kinds do u like
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