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  1. XP Well I would check my myspace if it wasent blocked...-__-
    But yeah...
    So what animes are you into?
  2. Thats how it is for me. I log on whenever i can. sometimes i go to the library to check my myspace and AO account.
  3. Well thats good. =]
    And yeah it is cool to get to know other people with the same intrest and hear there opinions on things along with finding new series you never heard of before.
    XD Im at school everytime I log on here, since I dont have a computer at home...-__-
    Stupid thing broke.
  4. Im good and i love AO. its real cool to talk to people who like anime and stuff. Im actually at school right now. my teacher lets me hang out on the computer a lot.
  5. Sure I dont mind. =D
    Whats up with you?
    Enjoying AO?
  6. Hi there!! ^^ im 1chig0 Kur0sak1's brother. wanna be friends?
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