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  1. is there anything you want to talk about to make the time go by faster
  2. yeah no kidding.......But yeah im sooo bored
    stupid 50 character min.
  3. i understand that school is a pain lol but once your out the head aches will be gone
  4. yeah thank you....... I cant wait for school to be over
  5. thats good your getting aay from her and hope you have a good night a his house and i hope things go better for you this weekend
  6. my mother and i got into it really bad last night so jesse is taking me for the night.
  7. thanks.....and i wont be home tonight. Im going to jesse's house and spending the night over there. I really need to get away from my mom.
  8. holds you to me close as you do under the dark night sky i like that cat thing you did
  9. ....^^

    Stupid 50 Character min.
  10. *kisses you on the cheek*
    Stupid 50 character min.
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