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  1. lolss okay ,
    and im in america new york hehe lively here ,
    and i dont think so , and no our summer holidays is June 21.....
    wait your on holiday already when you go back to school
  2. sure. i'll go there when i dream sorry. but really, where do you live? do live near bangladesh? hmm . . . so, this is not your summer holidays? '-'
  3. Yeah but i still get little test here and there lolss

    and KittyWonderland is a place where everything i ever imagined is you should come some time lol jk
  4. aha lol. my exams are next month. how lucky you are! exams are so annoying! rainning? so, where is this KittyWonderland you speak of?
  5. Me too , so i dont go nowhere , im a sad no life lolss jk jk , its boring and raining and my examines are done thank goodness hehehe
  6. i see. . . hmm . . . i've been lazy these days . . .there've been a lot strikes these days so i'm stuck at home! how's your life at the moment? i got my exams.
  7. Ooh.... ook that was a language ive never heard of though , And i will kindly give it a try ....3
    and ss501 is a korean boy band
  8. hm . . . the language is korean, but i watched it with english subtitles. hehe. i know, bangla isn't a very spoken language. in fact, only people in bangladesh speak it! ss501? what does that mean?
  9. Ooh is it in english though i dont speak korean i love just reading it , its fastnating heheeh
    and the only korean show ive ever watched is Boys over flowers i love that show and the song because im stupid by ss501 , there the best but i only know english n ive never heard of Bangla ??
  10. i guess:|. but once when i tried to learn how to read korean, i just looked and saw it was harder then bangla! its so hard ;( i think i'll stick to the four languages i know, like french, bangla, hindi and english (mostly english) hm . . . i don't know about the manga, but theres this really awesome animation called winter sonata. i cried when i watched it on animax. you should watch it too if you can! its korean !
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