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  1. Ooh ook thank you ,
    nope i dont but it will be nice to learn hbu you know ??
  2. yeah, you can play games, but you can't read manga here. but you can read posts and stuff. and reply as well. hm . . . so do you know korean?
  3. I do too but its off and on from korean to one-shots lolss
    But yeah this place is cool but im confused and iddk but we can play games on here and not read right ?
  4. really? wow, i like reading mostly japanease but of course i always read them translated. so do like this palce so far?
  5. Yeah helloo Onora , i am fine and new to here ,
    I do and i love reading korean manwha
  6. hi there, NekkoChan! how are you? it seems you reaally like anime!
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