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  1. lol in some was yes and no lol i just wanted people to say what thay think becaus thay are telling me juat wanted the site and owners to know lol
  2. Johnny you are a rebel you. How would you run this site. Good one, you knew it would be shut down.
  3. lol thats cool never seen the anime i like books beter lol u ever read loveless? if so what u think of it and what book u on im on book 4 right now lol
  4. The manga I love and her little sis is my favorite character. I hate the anime though.
  5. how u likeing chibi vamire? funny huh lol what do u think about karin? lol i like her little sis anju lol and her dolls mewhahaha lol
  6. how can u just blame muther nacher? it mans/wumans falt for how the wourld is right now im not saying i have not dun nuthing rong because i have lol but any ways ello im neko nathaniel and thot i shuld say hi and ask y u just plam muthernacher for the h1n1 lol well g2g bye bye
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