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  1. no *cough cough* i was a stupid ass and sold them ~.~
  2. What do you mean by ''they are gone''? did someone steal them?
  3. i got a ps3 ust to have ps2 ps1 psp 3 nintnedo ds and one light umm nintendo 64 game cube game boy advanced and sp xbox and xbox 360 but there gone x.x
  4. O.o i have Xbox 360, PS2 and an old Game Boy Advanced ^^ what about you?
  5. nooo lolz i mean like ps3 ps2 xbox ya know and ill think ill look that up :P
  6. Game system? you meen like Windows Vista? but i'm listening to Enur feat. Natasha - Calabria 2006 (Club Mix) really cool song actually ^^,
  7. lolz xD what you lissen to oh umm have i allready asked you this what game systems do you have o.o
  8. Yeah sure ^^ i'm just not on msn right now, going to sleep soon i think but right now i'm just listening to some music ^^
  9. kkkkkkkk can i add u please please lolz so whats up im home nwo and on msn xD
  10. Yeah i have msn ^^ you can find it in my "Contact Info" on my page ^^ and you take care as well
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