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  1. lolz i had a psp befor but i sold all my gam systems but my ps3 well read your mail i told u why im lonly im gona go watch a movie in calss now well talk to you later and sorry for my spelling areas x.x byeee ^.^ take care
  2. oh im sorry about your gf =[ that must really sucks and i wanna psp lol i heard they were really fun lol
  3. kinda messed up lost my gf man and umm thinking im about to get a psp agin o.o and how has ur day been going
  4. hey whats
    up lol how
    have you
  5. waitin to go homeeee only 30more min ill be back online tho xD but i gota clean my room thats good ur day has been good i ummm well oh crap not agin brain fartttttttt T.T
  6. my day is going well lol the bell is about to ring and im almost done with my project ^^ lol what about your day?=]
  7. lol xD you did lolz :3 so umm whats your fav anime and how is your ady going o.o
  8. i guess that would make sense lol i think i replied to it ^^
  9. wellllllllllll check your mail xD lol ill tell you why :3
  10. lol hey why are you on this account lol ? and whats up?
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