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  1. I just been reading alot of movies nothing much and reading a lot as well
  2. im goods i guess just thinking is all
  3. hey, its life and we cant do s@#t about that and I'm fine thank you, how are you?
  4. soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh anger x.x just so confuseing at times so how are u ^.^
  5. Hey, what can you do? Similar problem with the friend i told. Relationship was going nowhere because of her best friend. He didn't want to get between the girls friendship as she usually listen to her advice and stuff like that. So he broke it up with her.
  6. hell yea i wish i did but well i guess its her falt for being so perswaded her friend dident like me ~.~ i dont know why i di dnothing to her but me and her got into an argument tho
  7. Who know, who bloody knows? Ever wish you have a rewind or replay button to try the suitation or redo the thing again in order to try to fix it up or somthing
  8. but shes being a B***h x.x like calling me names and yet saying she loves me then goes and ditches me idk why tho :/
  9. Maybe after the breakup, she realise that you were important person in her life, or somthing
  10. i know its anoying as hell she pisses me off she wont leave me aloneeeeeee x.x
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