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  1. :/ You need to look up some test taking strategies then.
  2. the thing is even if i study i still flunk the test......but i pass the class work easy but i flunk the tests witch make me get 60% avarages T.T
  3. x_X Bummer... You should study moooore.
  4. x.x yea bu my test score rate is 60% and below.........even if i study T.T
  5. :/ You can always do better in school and raise your GPA.
  6. my grades wont get me to collage i guess :/ *sigh*
  7. xD Trying to move up at age 17? Lol I'm transitioning into college, that's it for now.
  8. xD lol soooo what are you doing in life
  9. True. I wish I didn't have a life though so I could make an awesome one. lol
  10. dont we all x.x life stinks but mehh theres no gain wiht otu pain mwhahaha
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