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  1. xD im never online either im barly on cause i have nothing to do anymore
  2. >< what can i do i don't sit that much online T,T and i don't think that i will sit on internet until 24/6/2009 Waaaaa @,@ ... =^_^=
  3. yea ur email xD lol when are you gona come online :/ its really lonly hear
  4. XD HI ... what is up hummm sitting in home lol >< well nothing really T,T *hugs you too* ^^ .. mail thinking you mean E-mail right ?.? or i am stupid enough to understand lol XD ? ... =^_^=
  5. Elloooooooooooooooo whats up *hugs* :3 meowwww u got mail
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