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  1. yeeeaaa im reeeeeaaaaally bored too :P gah... dont gotta kill me jeez... ;P jk
  2. so borddddddddddddddddddddd mehhhhhhhhhh *glomps U8
  3. well who isnt lately... parents are strict and wont let you do anything then they expect us to have lives... well thats my parents anyway xD
  4. nothing just thinking im so bord
  5. lol meeeow -pokes forehead- so whats up? :P lol
  6. *pokes ur cheek* rawr rawr *hugs*
  7. wow im srry :[ but ill keep talking to you mk? well untill you want me to stop anyway
  8. dont know i just been alone not many peopel talk to em on hear and in real anymore..............
  9. well i think everyone is bored :l y do you feel so lonley?
  10. im just thinkign and all im really bord and kinda llonly ;/
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