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  1. o.o funny guy xD mwhahaha lol well have fun at work :P
  2. Nothing much. Got some stuff for school to do, but that's about it. Which reminds me, I totally have to go to work now.
    Other than that, I guess I'm fine. Kinda.
    And no, actually not. :P Not that I'd know you enough to be able to say that. But you seem like a funny guy. That's good!
  3. sup sup sup mwhahahah random comment agin xD how are u u mizzz me o.o
  4. oh ty lol xD i never though to flookin on there lol well im offline now im tired x.x take care have a nice day ttyl ^.^
  5. The longer a series gets, the higher are the chances that it turns into something bad. :P That's not just the case with Naruto but with most of the manga/anime series.

    Judgement on games. I don't know if I have one. But looking up for vids on youtube as you did is a good way to avoid bad games. Read some reviews too, on IGN for instance and you can avoid most of the bad games I guess. That's at least how I do it. :>

    To change colour, simply click on the upside down triangle next to the "A" in the box you are writing in. Then you can choose out of some colours.

    And yeah, alright. I won't be online very long either, I have to learn some stuff now.
  6. yea i am an naruto fan but naruto is starting to turn into S**@ x.x and yea i dont have good judment on games x.x cause some games have nice lookin covers and look on the back its all good but u really buy it and its like ewwww wtf did i just buy x.x and that is anoying and how do you make your words yellow and in about 15min i gota go im at school right now x.x i cant wait till im home
  7. Hehe. But you know, bad games show up everywhere. I'm sure that's not just the case here. There are many bad games at my place too. The important thing is to know which games are good and which games aren't. <:

    Majora's mask is on Nintendo 64 (pretty old game) and F-Zero GX is on Gamecube.
    Yeah, horror games can be great. I liked playing Resident Evil on GameCube. That game totally made me shit mah pantz. Dx
    At the moment I'm playing Bioshock on PC. Or I was playing. Very good game too!
    So you are a Naruto fan, hu? =)
  8. where i live sucky games just show up x.x crappy nasty ugly games Dx there like anoying cause allmost all games down hear are all most the same story line oh wat system are those games on o.o
    and i like naruto ultimate ninja games i dont like the uzumakie cronicals tho they suck to me and yea i wona play horror games but they fawk with my mind x.x
  9. Sorry, dude. I gotta be strict on that. :P It would be unfair to the people I already rejected.
    I know that Afro Samurai is not for Wii. I just was interested in the game since I really liked the Anime. So I wanted to know whether the game will be good or bad. Sadly, it's the latter.

    Ah, so you already had an other account on here? And no problem, if you want someone to talk to, I'm your man too. It's just that I'm rather busy with school at the moment, which means I'm not online that often.

    Favourite game? The Leged Of Zelda: Majoras Mask and F-Zero GX. Both totally awesome games which I fully recommend to you!
    And yours?
  10. xD aww come on add me xD lolz an dya i got alot of ? but uhh its not on the nintendo concle anymore its cause x.x i kinda sold my stuff i only got a ps3 now :/ and i need goo d games and im gona tell you i barly come on cause on my old account no one really talked to me =[ and it sucked man :/ hey whats ur fav game btw o.o
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