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  1. i never finsiehd tenjou x.x but its a nice anime sweet u like gundam you play any of the games o.o
  2. my fave is then there is gundam...all of the series....
  3. sweet *pokes you* mew mew i hope yoru doing well what anime is that o.o
  4. am okay i guess i like to read and watchf anime manga.... music write as you can see i am an active rp'er on here
  5. nice lolz i hope your doign well but how are u ^.^ and what are your fav hobbies if you dont mind shareing
  6. uhmm thanks neko.....i like maya and aya and other anime girls with white hair....
  7. Ello whats up how are u nice pic of ummm saya ughh i hate that i cant rember the name of tenjo anime characters T.T
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