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  1. lmao xD lolz *pokes u* >:3 so how are u o.o i hope your doing good
  2. im not sure but i think it was the tampa yankees....really boring and loud game
  3. cool how was the base ball game ;o who won o.o tell me tell me *mew*
  4. sweets!!im going to a baseball game tomarrow! w/ a friend!
  5. hey whats up ^.^ im online for a bit now im at school tho i might not be on later on today im goin over a friends house to spend the night wher gona be gameing all night long xD
  6. is ok!!!
  7. hey im sorry fo rnot geting on earlyer =[ i kinda got tied up please forgive me :/
  8. k see ya soon!
  9. xD lol thats not fair Dx lolz but it gave me a laugh oh umm i g2g stupid school x.x i gota go yay im goin home ttyl in a bit when im home ^.Z^
  10. oh i see it !i just felt like giving you a hard time!
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