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  1. it says the great book of pics and it has ichigo and rukia on it as ur front cover as ur alums then it says things ive made? and on that pic of bleach it has woman why dont u see it
  2. uhh no i dont other than the comp... random que
  3. your bleach pic of ichigo and rukia o.o well i g2g bell is about to ring im headein home ttyl ^.^ if your still online when im home of umm do you have any game systems bye bye ^.^
  4. eh??? what was that??
  5. *copys your pic and does the motion* WOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN :L
  6. im okezzz i guess just been thinking about my day and about what to do when i get home lolz how has your day been ^.^
  7. im good and you???
  8. uhhhh ello whats up o.o ho ware you random comment
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