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  1. So far, so good. Thanks! ^_^

    Long time, no speak. How've ya been?
  2. Giving a shout out to one of my faves around here. It's been a while man! Hope all is well.
  3. ChaosTempest was tellin' me about Parasyte. I hear it's really good. It's now on my to-do list.
  4. Well here's one for you. Parasyte. Just picked it up today, and it is really ****ing weird/gory. It's a cool story though.

    And I'll have to check it out!
  5. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion--it sounds pretty interesting. Have you read 'Pretty Face' ever? I'm only on volume 2, but it's absolutely hilarious!
  6. Well then I'd go for Suzuka by Kouji Seo. It's a mix of Romance and track and field. It's well written, filled with interesting and relatable characters, and it flows nicely. It's 18 volumes, but only 11 are currently stateside.
  7. I'm pretty much in to anything, as far as manga is concerned. Horror, action, drama, comedy, etc.
  8. Well that all depends. What are you into? I have a couple series I swear by, but I'm just really open minded with my manga.
  9. Right on. I've never been to NYC, but I hear it's wonderful there. Speaking of buying a sh*t-ton of manga, I need to start lookin' for new series to read. Any suggestions?
  10. It goes well. I'm relaxing before work at the moment, and waiting for my mother to get home with lunch. Other than that, nothing is going on. I'm heading to NYC with should i put this.....brothah, i suppose, tomorrow. I will be satisfying my inner nerd by buying a s**tload of manga. muahahahahah.
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