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  1. Hey! How goes it?

    Not much goin' on here. Just playin' hookey, LOL. I haven't been on AO too frequently and when I finally get back on habitually, my internet gets shut of, LOL. Lucky for me, I paid the bill today. ^_^
  2. Just passing through to give my old friend Sprout a big "What's goin' on?"
  3. Hey, good luck with your Halloween costume contests! Do me a favor, bring home at least 500$ ok? Think you can do that, Mr. President XDDDD
  4. dude, i'm hoping so! I love her too much to let her go.
  5. Congrats on your one year! May there be several more! ^_^
  6. And there was much rejoicing!

    Life has been good to me. College is coming in the summer, so for now i'm working and making a bit of money. My girl and i celebrated our one year last friday, and all in all i'm quite happy.
  7. Hey, what's good? How's life been treatin' ya? I finally got my own computer, so I'm back online! YAAY!! ^_^
  8. hey there. hows life been treating you?.........................
  9. certainly has been a while. popping by to say "Hey man! What's new and exciting?"
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