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  1. Hey, blue. Just dropping by to give you a "what;s going on?"
  2. Nope. I was there in January. Haha, ah well. It'd be kinda awkward to just walk up and go "Hey, you aren't blue_rebel by any chance, are you?"

    Oh! How did that audition go?
  3. noooooo wait come to think of it.

    I went there a couple of times in December, when I was staying with a friend in NJ. HAHAHA. Maybe you DID see me after all.
  4. haha, when i went it was almost a two year mark of me not being there. But there was one girl there who i only caught a glimpse of, and i noticed her hair looked exactly like yours in one of your more recent pictures. My first thought was "is that blue rebel?!"

    lol, just so you know I probably would have introduced myself.
  5. hahahaha. i'm sure there are lots of asian teenagers who frequent mitsuwa
    i haven't been there in a while though.
  6. Funny story. I was recently at a place called The Mitsuwa Marketplace. It's across the sound from NYC. It was there i noticed a young girl with a standout hairstyle.

    Due to the fact she looked about late teens, was of asian decent, and had awesome hair, my first thought was "Holy shit! Is that Blue_Rebel?!"
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