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  1. dude, please back me up on my twilight thread. i will be eated out by fangirls otherwise
  2. no problem, my friend. ^^ .................................................. .
  3. i have a dragon too!. im not joking,( my fwd showed me the site.). click on it so it doesn't die!
  4. hi hows that thing going for ya??????????lol
  5. haha. i loved it. i read the first book and wasnt a big fan of it. i didnt like the dialogue, but you put the movie perfectly!
  6. i'm doing well. and thank you! Not many people commented on the review itself but just twilight in general.
  7. Hi, what's up? (ur twilight review was funny as cheese)
  8. helloo, would you care to chat in the flashchat? if so ill see u there!
  9. why yes! yes i do! ^^ if i can find the blasted friend request button i'll send you one right away!
  10. hello. interested in being friends?.....///////////////////
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