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  1. Changelings has been approved. Please post your character in the character thread or ask questions in the OCC Chat.
  2. I have to go to work Catcha later. Aquinine`(until our paths met again may you be blessed.)
  3. Maybe, but a good habit, dontcha think??????????????
  4. idk, i post on whatever catches my eye. XD

    i dont really know, it's just a habit
  5. what are you posting on? any thing interesting????
  6. II was ok, III ws better than II but not as good as the original and IV total change of charecter and Mr Miagi had to learn how to deal with a troubled girl.
  7. i think it's the second, idk, i never really watched them
  8. I, II, III,or IV. I like I and IV the best..........
  9. nothing really, just AOing, watching the karate kid
  10. Yeah Gamemaster and I are friends from the same city. He introduced me to AO. Whatcha up to?
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