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  1. i actually talk better than write. just watch 'top 40 dumbest quotes', and no one feels like they have trouble verbalizing their opinion.
  2. Haha, well I try. It's fun being in a debate, but I have a hard time verbalizing my point.
  3. lol, you should be on some sort of debate club, you're good at proving ur point, but you get a few laughs in too.
  4. I thought so too, haha. Which is why i requested it.
  5. haha, maybe.. i miss your Near sig, but i think shikamaru fits your personality better
  6. I'm good and feeling a little.......well......"funny" haha, if you get my meaning
  7. i'm okay now. just a little hungover.. how about you?
  8. well i'm glad you;re better. how are you now?...........
  9. lol. well, i said some pretty dumb stuff way back. really dumb stuff. i used to smoke stuff and get online. not a good mix...haha
  10. Funny, I was just reading your apology thread, haha. Hi!!!!!
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