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  1. eh, yea,i try to extend friendship to the newbies a lot so they can feel welcome.
  2. A new AO buddy? Why not................ I can see you've already made quite a few friends
  3. as in sprout knocked you up or you are close to him?

    either way, whatever. i don't really mind. point is, hilarious child story, hah.

    so how are you?
  4. Uh oh... I didn't mean to give the impression that Sprout is... or ever was my husband. I was just trying explain why I'd be telling him such a story... Like I said, it might've been weird if you thought I was just telling my "private part" adventures to random members. Anyway.... Sprout is just my baby daddy LOL. I dunno if that was supposed to be a secret.... We suck at hiding it anyway.
  5. you and sprout are married? cool! good to see him as a daddy.

    and when you hear things like :
    *reffering to woody the cowboy* DADDY DADDY! I GOT A BIG WODDY AND HE HAS A HAT ON!!!
    ...stories like yours dont phase me.
  6. Yeah, after re-reading that post I wondered if posting publically my open discussion about private parts was a good idea. But, I knew Sprout would get a kick out of it (its his kid.) Anyway, Im glad you thought it was funny too... and you didn't think it was weird or anything.
  7. i was just on atomik_sprout's profile, and i came across your little story about your son. I've helped my mom run her daycare for a decade, and never have i heard anything that funny. Granted i've heard close, but that was hilarious.
  8. ah yea, that could be it. But hey, at least you're ok.
  9. I passed out at my state fair... something like heat exhaustion.
  10. oh dear. what happened, if you dont mind me asking.
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