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  1. I checked your siggy linky it's interesting lol ***************
  2. i posted a new one too........ weird thing keeps me tied in knots and no one approves of what i feel for this person
  3. awww thanks. i put a new one up recently entitled "untitled"
  4. of course no doubt about it.i like the way you write your poems
  5. awwww, im flattered that im one of your favorite people (as said on the favorite person theread)
  6. its quite alright. i tned to be awake as you just wake up, so that doesnt really help, haha.

    sol how's life going (insert preferred name here)
  7. of course i miss my friends here..... just sorry i don't reply on im but something is wrong with my phone and it zonked out on me
  8. to answer your question from clan rainstorm, ive been kind of busy. My job eats up most of my time. But tomorrow starts my weekend, as i took it off. And it all astarts off with seieng my girlfriend. so i'm doing rather well.

    And awwww! you miss me?
  9. ive been doing well. Work is being a killer, but other than that life is good.
  10. Thank you for the potm comment have you been doing?
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