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  1. hey thanks! it seems like this month yours is gonna be hard to beat.
  2. Hey congratulations on the second place on POTM ***
  3. An okay i guess. it's a long story my love really stinks lol. but yeah i do miss talking to you and Aoira. and among a few more others. even LG!
  4. i needed help with a laptop i recently received. and yes it has been a while. how are things?
  5. hey why did you im me yesterday asking for help? what's up? long time no talk!
  6. am okay i guess here the rainy season is starting so the beach last weekend was a bummer
  7. pokes back! not bad. a bit hot. this heat wave is a killer.

    but other than that i;m great! you?
  8. poke! hey how are you ?
  9. do you have yahoo?am at work so i have to use another web based thing to sign in something my boss doesn't have
  10. nah i won't. i just might not be on as often, lol. you can never keep a good nerd down. oh and sign onto aim a bit, wouldja? lol, i'd like to talk to you.
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