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  1. Cool... i haven't finished mine yet too.. i will be doing em in the nearest time.. when i get the money that is.. lol
  2. im just doing some posting. i have a driving lesson soon so im waiting for that
  3. Lol thank you stupid 50 words thingy na? wat cha up to?
  4. woot! go you!.............................................
  5. Ahh.. i see what a coincidence... the same thing happened to me too ^^ well ours is almost 1 year... hehehe
  6. uh no, i said woman at my side. as in only one haha. Theres no once close to my age at the deli.

    When i said woman, i meant ive had a girlfriend for almost 11 months now, and shes the best thing to ever happen to me.
  7. Wtf?? and you are surrounded by hot chicks?? o.O Lucky ass you are.. gee I am in almost same kind of work but im surrounded with hot tourists too.. and locals.. lol ^^ but my job is with lots of risks of getting caught by the cops and stuffs >.< gee
  8. i work in the deli department of a local supermarket
  9. Lol... how lucky are you.. What you working as?
  10. good job, woman at my side, school in the spring, and im just very content
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