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  1. right it is my favorite holiday too I like scary and ghost stories
  2. Halloween? hah, yes its one of my faorites. "life's no fun without a good scare."
  3. Neo in our country today is your favorite holiday I think? eheheh just passing by hope we become friends like the others
  4. hey friend lets chat someother time hehehe our last chat was so short
  5. i've already invited you i am cruz_drevil lets chat some other time okay
  6. yes i do. I'm neo_death90 on there....that is if you mean yahoo messenger.
  7. hehheheh how about YM do you have? I want to have a chat with you thats all.
  8. i do not have friendster. i apologize. fifty characters ftw!!!!!
  9. wait a second, im already your friend XDDDDDD whoops
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