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  1. yesh!!..i remember that..that was freaking funny....
  2. oh man, i love those episodes....but hmm....

    I gotta say i'm a big fan of "Wasted Talent", the episode where they spoof willy wonka.
  3. *giggles* ^___^
    ohmigosh!! thats freakin awsome!! i just broguht the second and first sereies on fav Death is a B***
    its when death comes to kill peter cuz he wrote on some bill that he was i like peterioa ..^_^ what about u
  4. *wipes the gas away from my nose and smiles* tease. lol, and wow, do i like family guy?

    Do you have an hour and a half? lol, as i am a huge fan.
  5. Do u like family guy???
    im like a big fan..i know its not anime..but its funny!^.^
  6. *giggles*...*leans into face..looks u right in the face..and blurps right in ur face* ya!
  7. hah *is caught* hi there *kisses your forehead* ^-^
  8. aaww a friend! ^__^ *wraps arms to her back and looks down* aaww geezz..thankz
    You can call me Candi! ^.-
    HAhaha..u cant run for me..!!! -catches u-
  9. NYEH! *jumps from the poke* i'm very ticklish!!!

    *hugs back* no, i dont need cheering up. i just popped by to say hi. isn't that what friends are for?
  10. aaww.thankz for dropping in to say hi to me ^______^*huggies* doing okiee ..
    and how about u ..need some cheering up or laugter ..*poke*
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