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  1. Hi, long time no type, how have you been it has been awhile since we talkeed
  2. Kind of crappy actually. I forgot to bring home my books and stuff for homework
  3. ive been very well actually. yourself?..............
  4. Hi! How are this is your pal Zan. How are youd oing.
  5. i thought the conversation was over, haha. i didnt see a point in replying. but if you want me to that badly i will, jeez.
  6. Hey Dude when will you reply? Sory if I am bugging you.
  7. not at all. i've just been busy with other online and real world obligations.
  8. Hey dude when will you reply? Are ya creeped out?..............................
  9. yes, and ive seen freddy versus jason. ah well, im a big jason fan. he's the schizer (bad german spelling)
  10. Have you ever wat ched nightmare on elm street or Friday the 13th
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