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  1. oh ok and thanks^^
    i was asking cus i was wondering if you could do a sig for me?
    if you had the time whenever you were at home^^
  2. I can only do them on my computer at home and it has not net connections. And congrats on the birthday coming up.

    lol homework sucks and my BirtdaY is NEXT MONTH!!^^ ill be 17 one yr closer to 18 and ill be able to get out of the house^^
    hey i have a question can you do sigs?
  4. I'm making a mark kiddo! Hope your doing good and having fun since I been gone too long to actuallly know...(bangs head against loads of homework due next period)...Here's to hoping we can talk more
  5. hey hey!^^ whats up lol i havent seen you in the rpg lately lol are you still in it/=]

  6. oh ok thanks^^ i just wanna enter cuz some of the entries that do win dont even deserve it (just my opinion) but ima still enter and see what happens^^
  7. I've done it a few times...and lost miserably. But good luck though. Still checking on why though...
  8. thanks alot lol^^ i want to enter in the POTM contest cuz like i see everyone trying to post in it but i never get a chance to do you think its still going on or its over for november?
  9. I'm working in retail unfortunately. Lemme check and see where and I'll tell ya in a minute kay?
  10. where do you work at? lol i have a question i keep posting in the forums but my post count wont go up -.- i wanna be an elite member already lol
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