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  1. well maybe inviting him to like a weekend lunch with your folks will be good to start with i mean introducing him..................
  2. i'm really excited but there's this little problem. My folks don't know I'm with him. His mom knows we're dating and kinda knows we're serious but other than that nobody really knows.
  3. eeek!! omg am so excited for the both of you..... omg....sighs...and i dont think you're parents will mind since both of you are like crazy bout each other and if they see how happy you are with him......
  4. Picked a date a few months ago. Just gotta break the news to our families lol. That's gonna be painfully awkward.
  5. giggles lol you'd be one cool you guys have a date for the wedding yet?....................or jjust tell me next question if it's the wrong one..........
  6. Lol he doesn't do that with me although he's obviosly the boss in our relationship. And yeah he can be grumpy but you should mention sometimes that I'll give him a treat for being nice and he'll quit You see what our kids are gonna go through? A really easy mom and a stickler dad
  7. am glad that there are those who look out for well clueless peeps like me sometimes i get so involved in something i forget to step back......and Kogs is well at least honest for all his grumpiness lol.....but he wouldn't be mister kogs if he was uber weird
  8. Everybody has made a bad choice, even my ko-chan. He tries to take care of people and I'm so proud of him for that. And I'm glad you recognize your real friends. I want you happy with whatever you choose to do or whoever you choose to be with. Don't let anything get in your way of finding happiness.
  9. i know and i sent kogs an offline yahoo message that he can say i told you so...dont know if Kogs reads his yahoo now learning now who my friends are now. so that is good at least.....
  10. Amen to that sister! Take the warning before its too late. Though I'm bad about not listening when I really should. But at least your healing. Thats the most important thing.
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