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  1. Awww...its ok. I'll get him. Don't you worry...and maybe i can get a little sweet revenge*laughs manically*
  2. >.< that kogs.... T.T

    *cries more* *runs to Lasura*
  3. Gah! Don't say that. You know your special and not the bad special either. Come on chin up. Smile smile smile. Please...
  4. Pfft.. that silly fella.. dont even return my messages >.< sheesh... forgotten all about me has he? ~.~ *sigh* i know i am no one...
  5. He's around and thanks although it wasn't that great. But we're still going strong. Almost two years. And i'll bug him so he'll get on more often
  6. Happy valentines to an old friend ^^ remember me?

    Anyway... where's kogs?
  7. Tell me about it >.< i need to ****in pay to be online.. sheesh... and i can't chat much to my cute gf anymore T.T... and we feel like drifting apart already ~.~
  8. Me either. I can only get on at sucks major butt
  9. Lol ^^ Yea i know ^^ i hardly get on anymore... i dont have internet.. ~.~ *sighs*
  10. Oh wow. When's the last time I actually saw you. Its been forever. I've been MIA for a few months. Whats been up with you?
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