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  1. I know but its not like they are paying me while I have time off.. well not as far as I know anyway.

    ahhh good thinking! forward planning is always a good thing.
  2. Lol your bad. Maybe I should have but I'm taking some time off in the summer so I'm getting all the time I can now.
  3. YAAAAY for time off ^____^

    Well really I asked for time off work so I could study, I just didn't tell them I was planning on going away too.
  4. I get a week off after this weeks exams I'm so happy. I need the rest and I get to work more next week...
  5. awww thanks for the message ^__^

    I am well, finally getting a holiday so I can start to relax a bit more.
  6. Hey chicky. Whats up? I don't get to see you that often so I decided to make a mark lol. Don't work too hard ok?
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