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  1. i felt like that too. there's this site called., and there's a forum and stuff. but they also have a analysis section, which is cool
  2. Saw it. Fainted. Got up. Watched it again. It was truly compelling for the innuendos I kept imagining.
  3. cool, i'll have to check it out. have u seen the utena movie? it had amazing art, and good story, but it was a little shocking to see at first 'cause of the sex factor
  4. When I read "Only the Ring Finger Knows" I almost fell outta my seat. But they're both awesome. Although the one I mentioned was a one shot.
  5. thanks. me too. only when i read it i liked it but was like.."wtf?", now that i got pass that, i'm obsessed.
  6. I remember seeing Utena for the first time in middle school. First time I ever been completely compelled by a manga on the first read. Nice choice.
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