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  1. Have you had a good day today? Read any good manga lately?
  2. Uhhhh i dont really need anything specific but kinda make it look like a guys if you could lol
  3. lolz Yeah I have. It came out a few days ago. I hope I can get it!! XD Does it matter what you want?? I'll try my best since I'm still new to it..... You just want me to make you one?? Or do you want something inparticular???
  4. possibly.........ok yeah they look AWSOME!!!!!! and hey have you seen the commercial for the new star ocean? just asking cause you like the game and i saw the commercial erlier
  5. Nope!! XD I will when I finsh I few things.....Like make sigs oh!! Do you want a sig??? Huh?? Do you ya??
  6. Hey have you checked out the New Naruto Chapter yet?
  7. Hey you still gotta let me borrow Star Ocean you kept telling me you would but you have not brought it yet.
  8. im bored too but i can never find anything to do i might download some of the old games like one of the old gameboy advanced games
  9. I kinda am. Bored out of my mind too....... :/
  10. Im too stupid to be able to do stuff like that. you seem like you might be really pissed off
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