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  1. That's nice. Why don't you try graphic designing?? Like me. I make sigs
  2. "starts to cry" i dont have any money and i wont have any until summer starts up again"goes through the whole butterfly in the wallet thing"
  3. Why don't you just go buy one. You usually do.
  4. that sucks.... but i guess everyone has stuff to do.Besides me i need some new games fast or im gunna shoot myself in the head.
  5. Nope. I've been to busy doing crap.... .
  6. I know how you feel.But for some reason ive been pissed off all day anyway have you been playing persona 4 any?
  7. *sigh* Well I kinda was in one of my moods a while back so I'm going back an forth between angry and kinda hyper.....idk
  8. Yeah im going to die and your happy about it..........."sniff"
  9. That's nice. ^^
  10. Heh kinda ironic with the song...........i feel like im going to die....its friday the 13 after all
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