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  1. i do got some pics but its hard 2 upload them..i will try 2 when i have time...n wat bugs me da most is when ppl keep saying dat "omg u r so short"..n i already know dat..heir so lame..they constantly say dat just 2 make me mad...n depressed...n if u wanna kno my height its 4'11'....also when my mom says dat boy cud date a girl but girls cnt date a guy..well dats bullshit..girls n guys get rape..n some of da girls know how 2 kick some ass when they need wat about u?..
  2. Hi My friends call me Ry. Got any pics of you?
    What bugs you the most? I feel to get to know a person what they hate is the best start.
  3. wats up...wat do u think we should start our conversation about asking ur name..u already kno would b nice enough 2 let me hear urs..
  4. Yah thats me. I got more pics in my pictures list.
  5. hey wats up..i hope dat is ur pic..cuz it looks kind of cute..anyways my name is elizabeth do u wanna b friends..
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