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  1. lol, same here. can i PM you, its faster.(50 character limit)
  2. :P lol no to bad either, slightly bored.
    not much to do today.
  3. lol, it's ok . i'm alright, how about you? (50 character limit)
  4. hello,
    how are you today??
    It's been awhile since I've messaged I'm quite sorry.
  5. hmm.. well then I feel really slow now xDDDDDDDDD
    but thank-you be there in a sec.
  6. it's ok, just go to quick links, and go down to flash
  7. That's good. Um I would love to. Your going to think I'm an Idoit and never been in the chat so your going to have to tell me how to get to it >.< sorry.
  8. im good, do you want to chat in the flash chat? if so ill see you there..
  9. yes ^^... That would be great. How are you today??
  10. hi, wanna be friends?///?../////////////////////////////////////
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