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  1. how so? .... well am feeling so dejavu today... and I was thinking of a friend an she call me in that exact moment I was thinking of her.... and many others things that happen during the week.....
    well I go out with friends, to night clubs , and we do fish for easy girls... am telling you something real of
    drunk women are easy.....
  2. how so ?
    I normally go to shows, chill with friends, go out clubing and such. you?
  3. fun biting on pillows.... lol
    hey trying to go where?.... your home?... anyway....this week it's been the most weirdest week of my life... well of this
    what do you do for fun?
  4. They are still trying to get here xD
    hmm sounds like fun :P
  5. awwwww and they didn't come to you!
    is raining here in New York... and is so miserable outside.... I might go to my bedroom and bite on my
  6. I woke late as well realized I was snowed in got some food. Then talk on the phone for alittle bit and ever since I've just been sitting on the computer waiting for a friend to try and come over.
  7. well random chick, my day has been lazy... I wake up at 12:00PM today, and I went out to buy some food, and am back at home....sitting here talking to talking... the rigfght word is
    how abut you!
  8. hello random guy,
    umm I don't how has your day been so far?
    Any plans?
  9. well am bore... didn't you see my desperation on me
    what do you wish to talk about?
    oh vefore anything.... hello randomchick!
  10. if you wish to make conversation that's fine with me.
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